I’m exploring the use of a team-blog to help two departments keep up-to-date on client work. The information that we use is both data-specific and comment-expressive. It needs to be updateable, and accessible online. In the least, two parties, the sales rep, and the ad artist need to use this blog. Ideally, it would be three in the least, but for now the client has to wait to be added.

Client information also needs to be researchable. So over time, this aspect will become doable. Like as in, when was the last time this client… or what was the last issue date of their current ad? When you have multiple newspapers to keep track of this can be an ‘issue’, (a pun on the purpose of a blog – i.e. to express thoughts about issues).

Yes, this may sound like I’m commercializing (focusing) the use of blogging, but not in the sense of selling it. I like the friendly reputation that blogging has, it lends itself to supporting creative work, and the reviewing process.

Paperwork is just no fun. And the boxy, unfriendly workflow software that I’ve seen is depressing. I love working with computers, and I see it as an escape from the limited world of physical paperwork.

If you have any comments, or experience, using blogs as a working tool, that you’d like to share, please feel free to write!