For those of you who have read my first post, written in 2006 under the old blog name JobJacket, you may be wondering how all things changed from then to now. When I wrote “Focusing on the Power of Blogging,” I was a graphic artist. The bottom fell out of the small newspaper market and I went looking for other adventures. I took a writing class with some friends, and that became my new adventure. I combined all my skills and talents and embraced, for me, a new area of publishing.

Out of the writing class, a new writing group started, and with them I edited, designed and produced three anthologies. We wrote these books as gifts for family and friends, so self-publishing was the order of the day. I later started a writer’s workshop to cover the ground work that lies between writing and publishing.

On my refurbished blog, WritersJacket, I will include my articles that have been published in WritersTalk, the South Bay Writer’s club newsletter. And I will share with you all the links that I have been sharing with my workshop authors.

Oh, before I go, the old name of this blog, JobJacket, was a reference to a plastic folder that held all the pieces of art and words for making an advertisement, a job jacket. Just today, I likened the word jacket into something warm and fuzzy, like the clothing that you would wear on an adventure.

I hope that what I share with you on WritersJacket will be of use to you in your writing adventure.

Happy writing!

Linda Myro Judd