I was visiting Helen Allen’s scrapbooking video on YouTube. She is one of many scrapbook artists that use “text on paper” to add sentiments onto her beautiful art journals. Most of the time these text papers are so small, that it drives me crazy. So my suggestion is in the comment I posted. But I have to remember, when art journals have 3D texture, in some cases, it’s hard to use a rubber stamp on their surfaces.

This is her work that inspired my thoughts, see the tiny paper:

Experimental Journal Dripping with Glitter! by Helen Allen

A Snippet of our conversation on YouTube, September 7, 2015

My first post to Helen Allan:
Linda Judd (09/01/15)
It would be nice to make rub-ons of your little quotes, so that you don’t need to use clipped paper.

She picks up the conversation a few days later.
Helen Allen (09/07/15)
Might have to put them on to stamps one day Linda. How cool would that be!

Linda Judd (09/07/15)
Found a recipe for making rub-on.
Create your text in Photoshop using 720 resolution
Flip the text in photoshop to print the text backwards
or maybe use flip horizontal setting on the printer
Use overhead projector transparency sheets – Staples has this.
set up printer to use or output 720 dpi
run the transparency thru the printer to print on the glossy side.
use up and down strokes to transfer the text, not sideways.

Like your idea of using the text to make a stamp. Yes very cool!!

Helen Allen (09/07/15)
Thank you Linda. Might have to try this one.


From her first reply, you can estimate that her art journal piece was not so bumpy in the 3D department. And that it seems she would want to try something else besides tiny pieces of paper.

I’m sure out of my own curiosity, I’ll go searching for a recipe to make stamps!

I have found many beautiful and inspiring works by scrapbook artists. Some of their art has taught me about filling a space with soft noise, texture, and when I go forward in making book covers for others I will think about that.

So many fun videos on YouTube, a few of my favorites: doodling, scrapbooking, and zentangling. Find your favorite art forms and artists on YouTube and follow them today.