Hello Everyone, I love puzzles, computers, designing with color, singing, reading, and playing pool. Now my doctor recommends that I do some journaling to ease my anxiety, retiring can be nerve racking. I find that explaining things is a puzzle that I enjoy. So I’d like to share a few things about Sudoku.

I’ve been playing Sudoku for a couple of years now. At first, I didn’t like the game. People told me it’s just a logic game. Not my first choice, but I actually solved a few of the games. Because I won, I changed my opinion, it wasn’t so bad. But I’m not a logic game person, at least I didn’t think so. So how did I win? As I hope you know, the game of Sudoku is a grid board with numbers, some shown and the rest missing. Your job is to find the missing numbers.

In the last few months, I’ve recognized there are patterns that I use to find the missing numbers. I love to guess how popular games reflect real life behavior. Most games are socially political in nature, or based on greed. But the ones that mimic a childhood game like hide and seek, actually turn out to be more fun. I like to think of Sudoku as a sci-fi game of coordinates.

The Sudoku game board has numbers that HIDE behind blank doors. The visible numbers are the clues that, when viewed as a pattern, will help you SEEK the hidden numbers. In my next blog I’ll share with you  the patterns I saw evolving. Maybe I am a bit logical after all.