I sat down on the edge of the sandbox.
I was watching the other kids play.
She came over and sat next to me.

“Hi,” she said.
I scooted over.
She scooted over.
I got up.
She got up.

I walked around the playground.
She followed me, so
I sat down on the edge of the sandbox.

His teacher looked over at him.
She snapped his picture.
She gave it to his mom.

When my little boy’s teacher gave me his picture
She said, “He’s like this all the time.

I asked my son about the picture,
“Were you alone when this picture was taken?”

He said, “No,
Sally was following me around the playground.
I wanted her to stop following me, so I sat down.”

I said, “Sally must follow you a lot.”
He beamed.

© 2010 Linda Myro Judd