WritersJacket and lindyjuddfolio on wordpress.com, lmjudd on issuu.com, lindyjudd on wattpad.com, and editbuddy on blogspot.com are my blogs that contain most of my writings.


lindyjudd.wordpress.com is my more formal hosting blog for some of my published stories, articles, and fun things from other writers. So I don’t know how formal it is. I may eventually roll all the other blogs into this one. For now I’ll just point to them. I refashioned this blog when I started Blogging 101 on WordPress.com. I highly suggest that you take this free online workshop. It’s three weeks and loads of fun. I meet more people through my WordPress blogs, and I like that.


This WordPress blog is where I’ll be posting my new creative works. The rewrite of “Once Upon a… Lily Pond” was posted there. And then I was nominated for the Liebster Award for new bloggers. How cool is that? Lily Pond was born on Wattpad, see below.


This site is an online only publishing site,A world of publications. For you, created by you.” They publish your PDF files, up to 500 pages, and display them as viewable, uncopyable in your browser. This means that you can “turn” the pages while you read online. On this site, I store a sample file for my Writer’s Formatting Workshop:

  • “Once Upon a… Lily Pond” (a book saved as a PDF)


This site is an online writing site. A blog style place to work on anything you want to write. You can save drafts, or save to publish. I got in the habit of writing in publish mode with this site, so that my work was viewable. I think they have fixed that now. But the habit carried over to my WordPress blogs, and I still write in publish mode. If you can’t see one of the following stories let me know. Here’s my story list on Wattpad:

  • “Zombie Love”
  • “Once Upon a… Lily Pond” (original, drafted on Wattpad)
  • “Whom’s Delight”
  • “The Tales of the Lucky Tuna”
  • “Draft-Preparing for Publishing”
  • “Potshot Eight Ball”
  • “The Precious Thief and the Wabash Planetary Map”


This blog site is on Google, it’s a Blogger site, and is the place I want to use to share links for writing support. I have a few links posted. If you manage to see this site let me know. It’s a difficult site to rearrange. So I may not keep it.