When I was a kid, I used to hear someone calling my name, “Linda!” I always thought it was my mom. The voice was similar to hers. I would always drop whatever I was doing and go to her. She never acted like she had been calling. So after a few minutes, I asked her if she had called me. She said no.

This went on for a few years. A few times I called out, but no answer. I just shrugged it off.

In high school, I rode the bus everywhere. In college, after I bought a ’69 Volkswagen Bug, I heard the voice giving driving instructions to turn on certain corners. “Turn left.” “Turn right.” Usually I would do what was suggested. But, when I ignored the voice, I had to drive defensively because of others’ bad driving. One time I had two accidents on the same corner in Alameda. The first time, I was driving a car. The second time, I was riding a bicycle. I could have avoided all of these accidents if I had just listened to the voice.

One time I drove a route to a friend’s house without knowing which way to turn. I didn’t hear any voices, but I got to their house without any problem. I just turned this way and that, and it all felt natural. I wasn’t worried about getting lost. When I arrived, I told them that I came a new way, and it was so easy. My friend’s husband said, “That’s the back way to our house.” I believe that I followed a spiritual trail of energy to their home.

In the mid 80s, I attended psychic classes with Sylvia Browne in Campbell, Ca. I learned a bit about what was going on with the voice that I heard as a child. Turns out that I have a couple of extra guardian angels, one for medical and the other, well, probably for driving, in addition to my regular guardian angel. I learned a lot about how we can use our spiritual energies for healing. I also learned a way of divining to find lost things. That can be handy when you move around a lot and get tired of unpacking boxes.

For many years, during the time that I was married, I didn’t hear the voice. Then after the divorce, my son and I moved to Gilroy. And I heard the voice again.

In Gilroy there is a north bound entrance to Highway 101 which is not on an intersection. Drivers always had to go one extra block, and make a u-turn to get to the on ramp. The intersection had a stop sign posted on the median in front of the left turn lane. I’d made that u-turn countless times. But for about six months I didn’t need to use that on ramp.

One day, I found myself at the intersection again, and waited to make my u-turn, the voice in my head said, “Turn left.” I didn’t want to turn left. I sat there debating, if I turned left, there was a company down the street that I could check out for a job interview, but today, going left down that street was not on my agenda. I heard the voice again, “Turn left.” Nope. It was late in the afternoon, and I was tired and hungry.

As soon as I made that u-turn, a cop wearing sunglasses pulled me over. He was already out of his car like he had been waiting for me. I was motioned to the curb. Then he pulled out his book and said, “Did you see the No U-Turn sign?”

I looked at him and thought to myself, there’s a Stop sign back there. I told him, “No.” I’m thinking, that must be a trick question. In hind sight, I should have said out loud “There’s a Stop sign.”

He started writing a ticket, “There’s a No U-Turn sign at the intersection.”

I looked at the median and saw other lucky suckers being pulled over to the curb. I saw the sign. He was right. I started to get angry. I said, “How long has that been there?”

“Three months.”

I was fuming. I frowned and shook my head at him. I gave him the squinty eye. He ignored me behind his dark sunglasses. He finished writing his ticket, and handed me a bad day with a smile; an expensive lesson.

When I ignored the voice, was I exercising free will? I certainly wasn’t being cautious. I never did find out about that company. If there was a job for me, that ticket made me think twice about wanting to be anywhere near that intersection.

Today, I’ve not heard the voice as much since moving to Sunnyvale. So that maybe a good thing, but I feel that I should be careful when driving. I do know that if I’m too tired and hungry at the same time, I tend to have poor driving reactions. That gives me an excuse to stop off for a bite to eat at my favorite eatery