A typewriter like the one my dad used when I was four.
In a black and white Kodak moment, at the age of four leaning in the doorway of the living room, where some distance from me, on a low table sits the object of my contemplation. The keys on my dad’s typewriter were within reach and they beckoned to be touched, much like the behemoth above.

Among my adventures in writing, you’ll find something freshly considered.

WritersJacket: feel the cozy, well worn fleeced leather warming you through life’s next step.

Join me at the readers hangout online at Goodreads.com, where you’ll find my book list. Or visit me at Wattpad.com where I write online. Read my “online only” story, Once Upon a… Lily Pond. See this original story in page-flipping book style on Issuu.com, where they display PDFs of works up to 500 pages long!

The South Bay Writers newsletter,  WritersTalk, became a home for my articles starting in the Dec 2014 issue; contributions grew to include the feature: “Blog Posts” – Mar 2016.

I love surfing the web. The research helps me flesh out story scenes, like the pizzeria in Chicago for my short story, “Anniversary Adventures,” a story in the first of three Ageless Muses anthologies, a set of self published books that I produced for the Silicon Valley Writers Forum.

On my casual blog, lindyjudd folio, I have short stories, flash fiction and an occasional poem, “Zombie Love.”

Be sure to enter the San Mateo County Fair, the only fair in California with a Literary Arts Division. The yearly deadline for writing entries is April 1st, with winners announced the following June. Let me know if your state fair supports the writing arts.

Consider, in November, the yearly self-competition writing event: National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, to write your first draft for a novel. Write 50,000 words or more, in 30 days or less. At this world wide event, they give you lots of tips and tools to accomplish your goal. Along with help from writing buddies you can begin your novel!

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